Phase 2 “Gazer-lization” Overview

2 min readJul 16, 2021

Yesterday marks the 60th day since the GazeTV Phase 1 “GazeAge” public access launch on May 14, 2021.

GazeTV has reached several significant milestones in this period because of fellow Gazers embracing our idea since its inception. You, as a Gazer, make our platform awesome. Here is a summary of key statics:

  • Number of active Gazers: 8,582
  • Hours staying on GazeTV: 34,851
  • Duration of content (minutes): 540,708
  • Average earning in GAZE per active Gazer: 1,527

As a fresh new platform, minor bugs inevitably exist. GazeTV team is working harder to close those gaps. We all focus on the same goal — to create a social entertainment platform with built-in incentives and reward functions, empowering content creators and audiences to interact, support, and grow with each other like never before.

Social + Entertainment are two important elements that lead our development direction. Hence, there will be some changes to content types on GazeTV too. Visit here to view the details.

The Overview of Phase 2 — “Gazer-lization”

In Phase 2, GazeTV is heading to a socialization platform that emphasizes peer-to-peer interaction, networking, and discovery. The entertainment element (i.e. the video content) remains unchanged, but there will be a separation of content streaming and content live-streaming. As a result, the variety of content in streaming will be redefined. In addition, GazeTV will introduce more playful features and user tier segmentation mechanisms.

In a nutshell, Phase 2’s focal point is P2P socialization. Here are some highlights of the feature roadmap:

  • User segmentation for gamification
  • Live-stream
  • Social networking
  • New content vertical
  • Referral mechanism
  • Gift-card and voucher system
  • Decentralized cloud and P2P for content hosting
  • User-interface upgrade

Phase 2 “Gazerlization” Overview


Currently, we are in the feature planning phase for Phase 2, “Gazer-lization”.

We expect to complete the UI re-design by the end of September 2021 and to start the development in October 2021. We target to go live with Phase 2 by the end of March 2022.

The above schedule planned features will be changing and evolving; we will post further updates for our Gazer community. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send us an email to or submit your idea via our Support Ticket System.




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