How To Be A Creator

2 min readNov 10, 2021


Find Your Niche

Identify your interests or the talents and skills you’re good at. If you like recording your daily life, start your channel as a vlogger. If you are into gaming, start your gaming channel. If you love traveling, start your travel channel. Always start with something you are passionate about.

Develop Content

Once you’ve determined what topic your channel will be talking about, you may start creating the content. You don’t need fancy filmmaking equipment to start with. All you need is your phone, or maybe a camera and microphone if you aim for higher video quality.

Interact & Engage with Your Audience

Creating content is important, and it’s also important that you’re communicating with your audiences. Your audiences or your fans are actually the most valuable assets that you have as a creator. Let them know you listen to what they said. Respond to their comments, or even host a live-stream — the best way to interact with your fans online.

Be Creative. Be You!

And lastly, be creative and be you! There are tons of video channels out there. Your followers follow your channel for a reason in the first place. Keep up with your good content with your own style. Every content creator is unique.

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