GazeTV Community Games Announcement

GazeTV Kicks Off Biweekly Community Games With The BRING ME Game.

“Gaming brings people together” — Lisa Su.

It’s Game Time!

We are thrilled to announce the official commencement of our Biweekly Community Games this week!

This biweekly event will hold every Friday and this week’s session will hold today, 20th May 2022.

The community game to be hosted today is called the “BRING ME” game.

Venue: GazeTV Telegram Channel
Time: 5 PM UTC

What is the BRING ME Game?

The “Bring Me” game is a simple, yet energetic game which sets every player on their toes and active.

In this game, the host makes a random selection of an item he/she wants the players to bring and the first person to bring that item is declared the winner for that round.

It’s just that simple!


The game will be hosted on our Telegram channel by our moderator.

The moderator will randomly type an item he wants to be brought and the first player to snap and send this item will be the winner of the round and awarded points.


  1. Only 3 minutes are allocated to players to bring the items. If at the end of 3 minutes, no item is brought, that round has no winner.
  2. No player is allowed to bring more than 1 item, which is the item called by the moderator.
  3. The winner of each round earns 5 points.
  4. The player with the highest points at the end of the game will be the winner.

Come join in; it promises to be so much fun!

About GazeTV

GazeTV is a decentralized blockchain-based social entertainment platform with a built-in incentives and rewards system developed to empower creators to create well-tailored video content and be rewarded and the audience contributes by engaging and supporting this content.

The mission of GazeTV is to embrace and uphold content creation as an invaluable asset by building a better platform where creators create and are not exploited, but instead rewarded. A Gazer community will be the most beneficial ecosystem for all creators, audiences, and the platform.

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