From GazeAge to Gazerlization

2 min readAug 18, 2022

Over the past year, thanks to every Gazer’s support and contribution, GazeTV has run from a brand new site to now with over 669,000 minutes of video content and 17,000 Gazers across 200+ countries. And today, it marks another important milestone of GazeTV — Phase 2 “Gazer-lization” is launched!

This new phase of GazeTV provides every Gazer with many more new features for content monetization, referrals, reward earning, communication & interaction with other Gazers, and more. You can now create your new account to continue earning GAZE rewards in multiple ways.

Do you need to register a new account?
Yes, every Gazer will require to create a new account on

What happens with my current GazeTV account?
To ensure a smooth transition, the GazeTV system will execute data migration at a later stage.

  • User Wallet: The balance of your current GazeTV wallet will be able to transfer to your new Phase 2 GazeTV wallet.
  • Content: Content on your channel in Phase 1 will NOT be transferred to Phase 2.
  • Reward Mechanism: The Phase 1 reward mechanism will be replaced with the new phase 2 reward structure. It is suggested that the current users of GazeTV Phase 1 create your account on to continue earning GAZE rewards.

Further details of the data migration plan are to be announced.

Upcoming, we will have more exciting news and updates and roll out more bounty campaigns for every Gazer to earn extra incentives on the platform. If you have any questions regarding Phase 2, please refer to the User Guide or contact Support. Thanks for continuing to be a part of this journey with us. See you there at Gazer-lization!




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