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Are you up for the 1st GazeTV #VideOOChallenge? Simply upload a video of magic tricks on GazeTV to win 500 GAZE. Video with the highest engagement rate gets an extra reward of 2,000 GAZE!

How to participate:

Campaign end date: October 11, 2021

Terms & Conditions:

This September marks four months since GazeTV was first launched. To celebrate, GazeTV is airdropping a total of 2,000,000 GAZE to new Gazers who register on and complete the required social tasks.

Follow the step-by-step guide on GazeTV Airdrop Bot to create an account on, complete the required…

Effective immediately, all Gazers are required to complete Identity Verification to make a withdrawal from your GazeTV account.

Why Identity Verification?

This identity verification process supports GazeTV’s Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts to identify and verify customers’ identities. …

Staking rewards are now available! Want to get a GazeWatch or a GazeTV Snapback? Visit Reward Center now and stake the required amount of GAZE to redeem your reward. GAZE will be withdrawn from your wallet and then returned after the staking period ends. …

Knowing your audience is important, especially for content creators. To better understand what content or topic your audience love watching, video and channel analytics are essential. At GazeTV, you can find all the information and reports you need on Analytics.

Within GazeTV Analytics, there are 2 tabs for you to…

Yesterday marks the 60th day since the GazeTV Phase 1 “GazeAge” public access launch on May 14, 2021.

GazeTV has reached several significant milestones in this period because of fellow Gazers embracing our idea since its inception. You, as a Gazer, make our platform awesome. …

You earn GAZE every time you engage (view, like, comment, or share) with video content on You also earn GAZE by uploading original content on …

Hello, Gazer! What are your interests? Wait, you do not need to tell me, just tell GazeTV and we will prepare the relevant video content for you. Here, we are going to show you how to set your interest tag.

1. Go to your Profile on

Find a video on that you like? Want to share the video with your friends or on your social channels? A video link with a preview certainly looks more appealing. Here’s how to share a GazeTV video with the thumbnail:

1. Click the “Share” button under the video player.

2. Share the video by copying the URL or posting it on social media.

We are aware of the security of your account. To secure your GazeTV account and have stronger protection, you may set up two-factor authentication (2FA) in your account. Even if your password is stolen, this 2FA step protects your account from being hacked.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar…


Hello Gazer! GazeTV is a new social entertainment platform with built-in incentives and reward functions. Visit and join Telegram

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